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We are specialized in:

» Debt collection in Spain

» Debt collection Abroad

» Extrajudicial and Judicial Procedures

» Commercial and Business Reports of national and international companies in up to two days

» Solvency verification of individuals or companies, both national and international.

» Foreign legislation enquiries

» Export Counseling

Debt collection in Spain


We have a team of professionals with wide experience in debt collection ready to find the best solution for our clients, treating each case ad hoc.

add offers their clients the management of outstanding debt from end to end. We offer a global solution and a personalized service to fulfill your needs. 

We do a continuous monitoring through regular contact with the debtor, we evaluate his financial situation and we negotiate a payment plan in order to recover the outstanding debt in the least possible time. 

We offer our clients a complete solution for invoice management, in order for them to get paid on time. With this service, we avoid companies having to deal with problems associated with debt collection. We allow mid and small companies to have total control over debt collection, with a positive impact on their financial situation due to the improvement in cash flow.  

Debt Collection Abroad


We have a network of international lawyers which allows us to offer assistance to our clients for the recovery of their debt anywhere in the world.

If your company has clients abroad, we offer you a local point of contact who will coordinate any procedure you might have anywhere in the world. We will keep you inform about the progress of the file or record at any time.

We have active involvement in key international associations of the sector. 

Extrajudicial and Judicial Procedures


add has two different and specialized departments for debt collection nationally and internationally, with the help of internal lawyers.
It has a wide range of services related to debt collection, including:

  •  Conformity and Notification Services:  Notification to the debtor through different means, and incident management

  • Prevention Services: management of non-traceable debtors, follow up and control of payment plans.

  • Pre-Due Date Services:  prior notice before due date, negotiation with the debtor, and management of delays. Before invoice due date, we will contact the customer to warrant that the invoice will be paid on time. That way, we can anticipate any eventual contingency that might arise. 

  • Bad debt management (“fallidos”): This service is aimed for individuals and companies, which cannot honor its duties due to temporary financial difficulties, with debts older than 180 days, allowing them to be able to get sufficient means in the future to honor those duties.

  • Judicial Procedures:  In those cases where an extrajudicial procedure is not completed successfully, our legal department will analyze the viability to start the judicial procedure which better suits each case:

    • File of payment claims 
    • File of ordinary claims
    • File of claims for execution.

Commercial and Financial Reports of National and International Companies in UP TO TWO DAYS.

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We render reliable services for the provision of commercial and financial reports, which facilitates the decision making process of our client. In order to do this, we offer our clients “commercial reports” which can provide them useful information around the solvency of a client or a company.

These reports will allow you to know the solvency status of the debtor.

Solvency verification of individuals or companies, both nationally and internationally.

Through solvency reports we verify whether the debtor will be able to pay its debts, whether he has assets to meet them and whether he is listed in any dunning register.

From the fact that a debtor is or is not solvent we can infer whether he can pay its debt amicable or through a judicial procedure (forcible possession).

This service is a key tool for any company or individual which wants to verify the reliability of a potential client.

It is a verification system similar to the one used by banks to grant credits.

Foreign Legislation Enquiry


Foreign Trade Legislation (financial, labor, tax, customs).
We help you solve your doubts about financial and commercial considerations that a company needs to take into account in its foreign trade.
Attendance to International Conventions. 

Export Counseling


We offer free general information about the steps (initiation and basic consulting in foreign trade, entry barriers per country, preliminary procedure and documentation) that your Company needs to follow to be able to export abroad.
At the same time we can offer you personalized assistance, at a very low rate, which will allow you to evaluate the real options of introducing new products and services in a market, to improve competitiveness and minimized the risks of your operations

It is a service that aims to answer the needs and demands of Spanish companies towards their internationalization, such us:

  • Identification of  possible business partners
  • Company presentations
  • Competitor analysis
  •  Price comparative
  • Reports on supply and demand
  • Foreign Trade Studies
  • Attendance to international conventions

We also offer assistance to international clients with business interests in Spain. 

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